The rdpower package provides Python, R, and Stata implementations of power, sample size, and minimum detectable effects calculations using robust bias-corrected local polynomial inference methods.

This work was supported by the National Science Foundation through grant SES-1357561.

Queries and Requests

Please email: rdpackages@googlegroups.com

Major Upgrades

This package was first released in Fall 2016, and had one major upgrade in Fall 2020.

Python Implementation

To install/update in Python type:

pip install rdpower

R Implementation

To install/update in R type:


Stata Implementation

To install/update in Stata type:

net install rdpower, from(https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rdpackages/rdpower/master/stata) replace


For source code and related files, visit rdpower repository.


For overviews and introductions, see rdpackages website.

Software and Implementation

Technical and Methodological